On women’s day….do these and enjoy .

1. Awaken your spiritual side


Being born as a woman is a gift from God in itself. To cherish and celebrate womanhood, the first and the foremost thing, which a woman should delicately do, is to thank God for bringing you in this world to make others’ lives beautiful and acknowledge the fact that how special and important you are for your family. On woman’s day, you must make it a point to visit a nearby temple to show gratitude towards the God.

2. Feel close to nature


It is often said that woman is the manifestation of God and God is the creator of nature, this earth, world and whole universe. All human beings, plants and animals are bestowed by God. So, on a day dedicated to women world-wide, you can plan a date with nature by visiting a park, engage yourself in tree plantation, gardening and bring beautiful flowers to decorate your home.

3. Read a good book


Women who love reading should surely buy a book and revive their reading hobby. Being so busy in life leaves no space for reading. Even reading a daily newspaper becomes unmanageable sometimes. So, ladies, on women’s day, leave your mundane tasks for a while and pick up your favorite book, novel or a magazine to satiate your desire of reading and boost your knowledge treasure.

4. Watch a cookery show


Being a woman, you have to be an expert with culinary skills. Even if you are a hard-core professional or a businesswoman, you must know the art of cooking because after marriage, you must show your cooking abilities to create an undying space for yourself in your in-laws’ hearts. So, we suggest that watching cookery shows will enhance your expertise. And if you are already a pro in making delicious cuisines, then you can surprise your family by participating in a food show!

5. Smarten up


When you mentally feel calm and peaceful, then you naturally look beautiful. But to buff up your beauty, you should visit a beauty salon to adorn yourself. Give yourself a new makeover and a new hair cut to change your look. It will make you feel younger as well as happier. And it will make you more confident for sure.

6. Pamper yourself in spa


After tiring but exciting shopping session, you should head towards a luxurious pampering treat where you can wipe away all your tiredness and enter into a relaxing rejuvenating pleasure. And why not take advantage of all the discounts which come on Women’s day from leading women spa centers? If you are a fitness freak, hit the gym or simply exercise by doing pranayam and yoga.

7. Shopping


Every woman loves shopping, not only for her but for the whole family. By shopping, you can buy house-hold products, your monthly grocery products and apart from that, cajole yourself in buying some branded clothes.

8. Meet your old girl buddies


Hectic work schedules and demanding pressures totally block your social lives and you often feel alone and miss your best pals. Just getting updates on social networking sites, is not enough always. So, what are you waiting for dear all women? Take some time out to meet your old and long lost friends in the form of kitty party or arrange a get-to gather at one of your friend’s house. Plan a lunch and have a coffee afterwards while gossiping…

9. Spend time with your family


For most of the women, family always comes first. Women give utmost priority to their families without any compromise. But again, urban lifestyles and erratic working-hours leave no time for family-bonding. So, on this day do spend quality time with your family to make your relation more strong and healthy.

10. Enjoy your own space


Last but not the least, whether you enjoy dancing, singing, sleeping, playing or whatever, you must treat yourself by enjoying your own space. You can also utilize this day by finishing your pending tasks. This year, women’s day is also accompanied by the festival of colors- Holi. So, you can celebrate this day with lots of colors which you can make at home with flowers and vegetables.





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